Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Natalia 8 1/2 Months

Loves the beach. Easy baby, just likes to chill. Serious. Restless. Plays peek a boo all day, even by herself with her shirt. Chants herself to sleep. Four top chicklet teeth. Awesome eater. Loves being loved. Social. Loves sitting in the shopping cart and eating the handles. Gross? Deal with it. Attacks other babies like prey. Looks wise 80% Chudleigh 20% Harmsen. Almost 17lbs. Tongue? Still sticking out. Crawls in circles, just circles. Mom and Dad are obsessed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chudleigh vs. Harmsen

Everytime I look at this little girl, I can't get over how much of a Chudleigh she is! If you know any of my nieces and nephews you would know how dominant the Harmsen gene is, but it looks like Dan won on this one! However, whenever I go out everyone comments on how much she looks like her mother? It seems if you know us people say she looks like Dan and if you don't they say she looks like me? Here are some baby pictures of Dan and me about the same age as Natalia , what do you think?



Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet November

Natalia Mia Chudleigh
6lbs 3oz 18 inches

11.10.10 The day life REALLY started to matter, the happiest day of my life!

Counting contractions

Basically my water broke 3 weeks early, Dan had to get a ride to the hospital because our car was in the shop (thanks Mason), Mom got on a plane and was there in a few hours, after 12 hours of natural labor I was over it and gave into the epidural ( awesome), freaked out when they put me on oxygen and told me my baby had a cord around her neck (false), pushed 5 minutes and out came the closest thing to heaven anyone could imagine.... AMAZING!

I miss this little face! Time goes by so fast it breaks my heart. I love every new stage but it's so hard to say goodbye to this forever :( It's God's trick so we'll have more :)

Being a mom is THE single best thing in the whole world. Life is now full of so much meaningful purpose. So yes to all of you who wonder... Go get pregnant, it's so worth it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Chudleigh

If you haven't caught on by now, YES we are having a baby! Well I'm actually "having" the baby, but I guess that's what people say? Gone darn gone and done it! SHE'S due November 30th 2010

I'm normally wouldn't have done pregnancy pictures but my sister in law Britney Chudleigh ( is just too talented to not take advantage! ONLY Britt can make a 7 month pregnant woman look good. She's a professional wedding photographer but for people she loves (me:)), she will share her many other talents. Not to mention this darling is giving my almost 94 year old grandmother water color lessons, really Brittney ILY!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who will she look like?

So I decided to try blogging about our summer and came across this picture of Dan and Me one night while we were waiting on my brother's porch for him to come home. People always tell us that we look a lot a like, as I think with a lot of married couples. When we were first married people would always ask us if we were twins, that probably goes to the fact that we were SO young! It's not the most attractive picture, but I do see a lot of similarities between the two of us.

So who is this little girl going to look like? Dan or Mia?

Although I'm overwhelmed, I will hopefully have another blog post shortly. Just easing my way back into it :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i miss you

The last week has been so lonely with Dan studying for finals. I miss him. A lot. Now instead of studying in the other room he spends all day and night at school and doesn't come home till late. I don't do late very well, so our time together is not its best.

Keep up the hard work babe, May 7th is just around the corner!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Tomorrow March 11th is Unicorn's birthday and to be honest I have no idea how old he is. He's been telling me he's 87 since I was 8 years old. Many of you are thinking "Who is Unicorn?" Unicorn aka Richard Leafty is another brother from another mother. When I was 8 years old on Mother's Day, we were talking to Stephen while he was in Chile on his mission and there was a strange man at the door. When my Mom came to the door she was so excited to see a long lost friend of whom I've never met. That's the day Unicorn came to live with us and has been there sense, minus a few times he ran away when we got in our arguments.

From this day on Unicorn was one of my best friends. He would let us drive his little red metro, took us camping, flip us over his back and throw us way up high. Took us on trips to San Diego, even if it took 2 days to get to St.George taking the frontage roads the whole way. He knows every word to the Green Beret and is a member of the Melita, don't really know much about that? I remember going out late at night to toilet paper his brother's house with all the bath tubs in the back yard and one time Mildrid came after us with a gun, or at least she said she had one (memory of a 10 year old). Although Unicorn would "Ho ho ho" all year long when he laughed, he used to play Santa Clause for Christmas parties and I was his lucky elf. I had myself a little green costume and red tights. If I were at my parent's home I would post a pic. I will never forget holding people's vases while he sang Jingle Bells. He was the best hire you could find. And the one day he lost his bells (marbles). He LOVED these bells and once they were gone, ba humbug for Santa.

Unicorn would take me to swim practice every morning at 5AM We would pick up Li on our way, and he would call her "Jap". I was sooo embarrassed but I don't think he understood that's not a good thing to say. In high school we would fight. In fact I had more drama with Unicorn growing up than any of my siblings. If he know I was late to school he would drive EXTRA slow and every time my parents went out of town he would make up stories about parties with alcohol and boys just to get me in trouble.

He eats concoctions of food that nobody can think of, like diet coke and ramen or milk, bologna and re fried beans soup. Unicorn does NOT like to share. And the way he pronounces Umbrella or envelope is almost as funny as listening to him tell the jello story. Around 6:00PM the words "B-E-D" are pronounced and he says he goes to bed, it think he just watches TV. That's another thing, Unicorn you lie sometimes- a lot. Remember when I made that big Chicken Pot Pie and you ate in all and left the empty dish with a fork in it in the refrigerator? Yeah, that wasn't Dan.

It took Corn a while to get used to Dan. He could see I was was falling pretty fast. He really wanted me to go on a mission and so did I but Dan got in the way of that, and that bothered Unicorn. But now they're good buds. I remember Dan writing me an email when were were dating and I was away. He told me that he took Unicorn out for his birthday and I totally fell in love with Dan. A Something About Mary moment.

Unicorn has always loved and taken well care of our family's dogs. Sydney and Roscoe (Rebble known to Corn) undoubtedly ate more Big Macs than I've ever had and Lady is a "Sacred" dog as Unicorn says after visiting the Sacred Grove. Corn and I would always see who the dogs loved most by calling their name and they would always go to him and I would always be so sad. He would feel so bad and tell them to come to me. Ok enough about the dog stories, I know hearing about other people's dogs can be just as much fun as hearing about other people's dreams.

Unicorn has ALWAYS been there for me. Although I was soooo sad when I looked around the room when we were getting married (crying just thinking about it, it still makes me sad) and he wasn't there. But he didn't make it, because he was helping set everything up. He was so worried about me when I was in the hospital for my appendectomy and gave me a blessing.

He loves children and was honored the Volunteer of the Year award for the state of Utah for devoting his time to so many schools and children. At one point we all thought he was a lost Nephite, but I've seen a not so perfect side to maybe just think he's one of Heavenly Father's closest friends.

Unicorn you are so much more than a ride to or from the airport or a cheap date to the dollar movies. You are my big brother and life would be so much less exciting and real with out you. Thank you for always being you. I love you. Mia